Saturday, September 18

Digi tests 5G network preparedness ahead of 5G Malaysia Showcase


Digi demonstrated its 5G network preparedness through an onsite speed test recently and it will officially debut its 5G network at the 5G Malaysia Showcase.

PUTRAJAYA: Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) demonstrated its 5G network preparedness, which it will debut at the 5G Malaysia Showcase taking place from April 18 to 21, 2019.

Through an onsite speed test, Digi demonstrated faster data speed and greater network capacity, with results of transmission speeds of up to 1.6Gbps on the 100MHz spectrum 5G network. Digi is testing its 5G network as the industry ramps up towards the unveiling of 5G’s benefits and impact at the showcase, which aims to underline the technology’s capabilities.

Through super high-speeds, low latency, and network slicing, 5G has the potential to connect millions of devices, build new services, and support a broader adoption of applications that can impact the way businesses and government operate as well as consumers’ daily lives.

At the showcase, Digi will be presenting three 5G use cases in the areas of Emergency Services, Learning and eSports, providing a glimpse of 5G’s potential impact to public infrastructure, businesses and consumers at large.

The use cases would demonstrate how 5G could assist to accelerate emergency response times in a road accident, learning through Augmented Reality (AR), and propel e-Sports forward with seamless gameplay through a Virtual Reality experience.

Also present at the showcase is Telenor Research’s head, Bjorn Taale Sandberg who will share global insights on how 5G will enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), and the exploration of these collective technologies have a vast potential to change our lives beyond Industry 4.0. He will also share insights from Telenor Group, which begun 5G pilot projects in Norway back in November 2018.

Digi’s chief executive officer, Albern Murty said, “We are excited to be a part of building Malaysia’s future with 5G, while we continue to maximise the potential of our 4G Plus network to digitise Malaysia.

“We believe Malaysia’s approach to 5G is practical and consultative; and we will leverage on learnings to accelerate local research and adoption. We also look forward to deeper public-private collaboration to drive Malaysia’s digital future forward.”

The 5G Malaysia Showcase, themed 5G Malaysia: Progressing Humanity (#5GMalaysia #ProgressingHumanity), is hosted by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission in collaboration with leading communication companies and higher institutions of learning.