Wednesday, December 2

Man found dead along train tracks


BEAUFORT: The body of a 56-year-old man was found along the train tracks at Mile 62 ½ here, after he was believed to have collided with a train.

Sabiri Idong was found by a train driver around 3.30pm on Saturday, as the latter was making his way from Halogilat Station to Beaufort.

The body of the victim found along the train tracks at Mile 62 ½, Beaufort.

“When he reached the scene of the incident, the train driver saw something on the tracks which was surrounded by dogs. Upon closer inspection, it was found to be the victim’s body,” said Beaufort police chief DSP Azmir Abd Razak.

According to Azmir, the victim had sustained severe injuries to his neck and chest.

It was believed that the victim had collided with the train, which led to his demise.

Initial investigation found that the complainant had driven the train from Beaufort to Halogilat Station around 1.30pm on Saturday.

After letting off passengers at the station, the train then headed back to Beaufort and arrived around 3pm.

The complainant said he did not see anything along the tracks during his journey, and was only aware of the incident upon being informed by the station chief around 4pm.