Monday, March 1

2 more Covid-19 mass screening at Sungai Plan — Bintulu MP


Health personnel carrying out mass screening in Sg Plan area following positive Covid-19 cases detected in the residential area.

BINTULU: Two more Covid-19 mass screening sessions for the public will be conducted this coming Friday and Saturday (Jan 22 and 23) at the temporary testing centre at Sungai Plan, said Bintulu Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

“If you have not been tested yet, don’t miss these opportunities to get checked. Let’s work together to curb this pandemic,” he said.

In order to keep the screening exercise safe for all, he reminded everyone to strictly observe physical distancing and other measures stipulated in the standard operating procedure (SOP).

“Because there are still improvements needed in the screening, I also want to urge the authorities to arrange to station more personnel there so we can maintain order onsite.

“At least add more canopies and other equipment to ease the screening efforts there,” said Tiong after inspecting the screening site at Sg Plan on Tuesday.

Tiong monitors the screening exercise by Ministry of Health for the residents in Sg Plan area.

Tiong also reminded the public that many of the confirmed cases in Bintulu recently were identified at various temporary screening stations.

Therefore, he stressed that mass screening is essential to stop the pandemic in Sarawak.

“Cordoning off a specified area with identified cases will help to stop the transmission of the coronavirus further,” he added, citing the successful lockdown effort in Sebauh district recently following the outbreak of Bukit Sekubong cluster as an example.

According to Tiong, although there were few positive cases recorded in Sg Plan, the authorities could not lockdown the vast area as it has so many exit points.

“Thus, I appeal to all residents in Sg Plan to cooperate and do the swab test,” he said, adding that only with this mass screening could the authorities identify who had been infected in the area.

Tiong said this is one of the prevention and proactive measures of the state government to contain the spread of infection in the community.

However, he said the one-day screening was insufficient to cover the huge population in the crowded Sg Plan area.

Tiong said he had discussed with the Ministry of Health to extend the screening sessions and if the sessions are still insufficient, they will find ways to get all residents screened and tested.

“I also would like to advise people from longhouses or in RPR Sg Plan and other housing areas which have confirmed cases to stay safe at home and not to go out unnecessarily. If you need to go out to buy food and other essentials, please not more than two persons in a car.

“I don’t want Bintulu to turn into red zone with the lockdown and movement control order (MCO), our people will be suffering,” said Tiong.