Friday, September 24

Some 300 attend Curtin graduation ceremony


MIRI: Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus held its Foundation Certificate graduation ceremony for 154 students.Held at the Recreational Centre of the campus yesterday, it was attended by 300 participants.

“From time to time, students should be updated on information stored to cope with the competitive world, so as not to be left behind,” said Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication.

Lee, who is also chairman of the Curtin Sarawak Management Board, said apart from the university management, it needed students of calibre.

Students are an asset of any university as without them, the campus is just an empty building,  he said.

“Curtin University started in 1999 with less than 100 students in the foundation programme. This year the number soar to 675 enrolling with the School of Foundation and Continuing Studies. The increased number demonstrate the confidence of the community in our programmes,” he added.

He said the university was beginning to attract more international students with a multi-cultural and diverse student and staff population.

As students of Curtin University, they have the chance to associate with the learned and participate in an international network comprising more than 160 overseas universities.

A graduating Foundation of Media student from Zimbabwe, Kudakwashe Noko said he was proud to be a Curtin student.

“Curtin Miri is as good as other international campuses with the benefit of the same standard and quality as the main campus, Curtin Bentley in Australia,” said Kudakwashe.

He added that another benefit Curtin has is being the first international campus to have an affordable currency rate.