Saturday, October 19

Rundi: Impian Sarawak a political gimmick that should be rejected


DAP’S ‘Impian Sarawak’ campaign to bring development to the rural constituencies has been labelled as a political gimmick and should be rejected by the people.

State BN secretary Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi Utom said the opposition party had shown its true colours when state DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen questioned BN’s sincerity in seeking a supplementary budget of RM500 million at the DUN sitting on Friday.

The Kemena assemblyman deemed Chong’s conduct as DAP being anti-rural development, which goes to show that Impian Sarawak was just a political gimmick.

He urged the people not to be fooled by the opposition’s political agenda.

“The state Barisan elected representatives in the rural areas have always dreamt of rapid development reaching the interior of Sarawak. The allocation of RM500 million is to expedite and intensify rural growth and close the rural-urban gap.

“However, the opposition rejected the approval of this allocation. Would this contradict DAP’s Impian Sarawak campaign that they have been promoting all this while?

“Impian Sarawak is a political gimmick. DAP does not support rural development,” Dr Rundi told a press conference after adjournment of the DUN sitting.

He added that all Barisan elected representatives in rural constituencies condemned the act of Chong questioning the government’s motive in allocating half-a-billion ringgit for rural transformation.

“We are rejecting the act of the opposition that openly ridiculed and politicised the government’s effort to bring development to the rural areas. They are only cheating the rural community with their antics.

“They claim to want to help rural areas but they are blocking our efforts to increase fund allocation to help the rural folk. Barisan will continue its struggle to ensure the rural people reap and benefit from the government’s development effort.”