Thursday, May 23

Hii Chang Kee assumes office as new Sibu Resident

Sim (left) hands over duty to Hii.

Sim (left) hands over duty to Hii.

SIBU: Former Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) secretary Hii Chang Kee assumed office as the new Sibu Resident yesterday, taking over from Sim Kok Kee who has been posted to the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) in Kuching.

During the handing over of duty to Hii yesterday, Sim reminded his successor that the role of a Resident was not an easy task.

“You’ve to spend a lot of time serving the people,” he said, expressing hope that staff of the Resident’s Office would continue to work as a team under their new leader.

Hii, on the other hand, pledged to live up to the challenges of his new role as head of a division for the well-being of the division and its people.

He called for full cooperation and support from his subordinates, urging them to uphold the spirit of teamwork.

“It is definitely a new venture for me to be a Resident after 23 years working in the local authority since 1992.

“I believe the experience I have from local authority in dealing with the local communities will be helpful in my new job,” he said.

He said he would work closely with three district offices in Sibu, Selangau and Kanowit and all government departments in the division.

“I will continue to uphold the state department agenda through coordinating all development projects in the division implemented by the various departments,” he said.

Hii said the State’s Civil Service Transformation Agenda spearheaded by the State Secretary to enhance service delivery of government departments to the people would be sustained.

“The Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) at Sibu Central Market will be one of the models in enhancing the service delivery to the people.

“I’ll work to establish better coordination among government departments at the divisional level so that they do not have to work in silos.

“Similarly to the local councils, community development should be one of the top priorities to be enhanced through community leaders in Sibu Division.

“We will try our best to create a close synergy between community leaders and councilors in the division.

“Community leaders should be active on the ground to engage the local communities so that peoples’ issues and problems can be resolved amicably,” he said.