Wednesday, January 29

Borneo Bird Festival to revive Kinabalu Park


KOTA KINABALU: One of the most anticipated bird festivals in this region, the Borneo Bird Festival, will be held from October 23 to 25 at the Kinabalu Park.

A host of exciting events are lining up for local and overseas participants.

The Kinabalu Park represents the perfect venue for the seventh edition of the Borneo Bird Festival. As Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kinabalu Park is known for its outstanding biological attributes, and home to more than 40 endemic birds of Borneo, such as Bornean Barbet, Bornean Frogmouth, Bornean Leafbird, Bornean Treepie, Bornean Green Magpie, Bornean Swiftlet, Bornean Leafbird, Bornean Whistler, Whitehead’s Trogon, Whitehead’s Broadbill, Whitehead’s Spiderhunter, Fruithunter and Kinabalu Serpent Eagle.

Further, with this year’s theme – ‘A Tribute To Akinabalu’, the Festival organisers also hope to create the awareness and revive Kinabalu Park as a premier birding destination in Borneo, despite the unfortunate earthquake that occurred at the Park in June this year.

Jointly organised by the Sabah Tourism Board, Sabah Parks and the Sandakan Borneo Bird Club, nature enthusiasts, birders, photographers, conservationists as well as school children are in for an exciting and fun-filled event over the three days.

This year’s highlights include the introduction of the inaugural Sabah Bird Race, the Kinabalu Bird Photo Race and the Bird Photography Contest. Other activities lined up for participants include Bird Sound Mimic Contest and a host of exhibitions and presentations by local and regional experts.

More than RM20,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs during the event which was first created back in 2009 at the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sandakan. It aims not only to showcase Sabah as a premier birding destination in this region, but more importantly, it serves as a platform to create further sense of appreciation for the birds of Borneo and ultimately, lead to the conservation of nature and preservation of its environment.

The organisers hope that the local community will take full advantage of this chance to participate in this colourful festival while at the same time, appreciate the nature beauty of our very own World Heritage Site.

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