Sunday, September 20

Goh believes Chinese votes will return to BN


KOTA KINABALU: MCA Sabah deputy president Datuk Francis Goh is confident Chinese votes will return to Barisan Nasional (BN) in the impending 14th general election (GE14).

Goh, who is expected to be field as BN-MCA candidate for Kapayan state seat, hoped that the electorate would vote for the candidate instead of the party so that he would have the opportunity to wrest back the seat.

At the same time, he hoped the MCA candidate for Luyang state seat would garner the support from Chinese voters to secure victory as well.

Goh said he is confident of his chances at Kapayan constituency given that he has been working hard in serving the people and addressing their issues for the past four years.

“I hope the Chinese community will vote wisely (in GE14) and support candidates who can deliver results to the people, instead of voting for irresponsible opposition members who have gone silent after the polls.”

He said the some political observers have commented on weaker pro-opposition sentiments in the coming election and believed that the Chinese votes would return to BN.

Goh said, he would continue to serve the people and had shown his commitment by cleaning drains, building new roads and bridges.

In past elections, he said, the voters were more inclined towards voting for a political party rather than the candidate. Nonetheless, he hoped the people would use their wisdom in differentiating and supporting quality candidates this time around.

Since venturing into politics, Goh admitted that it was not easy being a politician, having to sacrifice time and money without expecting anything in return.

Come the next general election, he hoped the people would allow him to continue serving them, particularly in pursuing more allocations to implement development plans in Kapayan.

On another note, Goh expects the GE14 to fall on April this year. He initially speculated that the general election would be called during the holidays from March 15 to 25.

However, he said, the Parliament sitting would be held in March, fasting month followed by Hari Raya in May and June, while Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would be released from prison in June. Hence, Goh said, GE14 will most likely take place in April.

“It would be best if it (the election) is held after Qing Ming Festival. Dissolve the Parliament on April 10, followed by nomination day sometime around April 20 and election day in early May. I believe this is more or less accurate,” he reckoned.