Wednesday, April 14

Longhouse folk thank Tiong for acquiring agricultural aid for them


SIBU: Longhouse folk of Rumah Udin Nasat in Sg. Senyan are grateful to Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) President Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing for responding to  their request for agricultural aid.

Udin (left) gives thumbs up after he received the item from the representative of the Agriculture Department.

Longhouse chief Udin Nasat said the items they received from the government included fertiliser, insecticide and fertiliser sprayers.

“These items are very valuable and useful to the farmers to tend their crops ,” he added.

He said residents from his longhouse were not the only people who benefited from the provision but about 200 residents from 16 other longhouses Sg. Senyan also got their share.

Udin said this showed the government truly cares for the social well being of the residents in the rural areas.

Separately, he said most of the residents from 202 longhouses in Dudong constituency had also benefited from the subsidies and provision given out by the government.