Monday, May 10

Sabah bodybuilders undergo periodised training programme


Joannes (third right) with some of the state bodybuilding athletes

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Bodybuilding Association (SBBA) preparation for the Mr Malaysia Bodybuilding Championship 2021 has been on-going since last year.

SBBA president Joannes Staneslous there were six back-up athletes currently in the list where they have been undergoing Periodised Training Programme.

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The athletes are Bryan Isidore Tubong, Douglas Lee, Mark Onell Villaceran, Grace Voo, Lily Nur Izzaty Ahmad and Fenno Duing.

“The Programme started last year under coaches Joseph Sylvester and Jeffery Thadeus. Normally the preparation under the Programme will take around one-year before a tournament.

“We hoped through the Programme, our bodybuilding squad will be in their best condition in the run up to the Mr Malaysia championship,” Joannes said here on Wednesday.

Periodised training is the process of dividing an annual training programme into specific time blocks, where each blocks has specific goal.

It is designed for athletes to maximise performance to coincide with important competition.
“Training is divided into several main phases where each one has its specific aim that in turn would contribute to the main objective of the training programme.

“Our target in the Programme is the Mr Malaysia 2021 championship that Kedah will host in November,” added Joannes.