Sarawak police looking into eight reports of voter fraud in GE15


Supt Douglas Nyeging Taong

KUCHING (Nov 20): Investigation is being conducted into eight police reports lodged by individuals who claimed that their identities had been used by other people for voting on Saturday.

According to Sarawak police spokesperson for the 15th general election (GE15) Supt Douglas Nyeging Taong, these cases are said to have occurred in Bintulu, Kanowit, Miri, Kuching City, Petra Jaya, Sibu, Bau and Kota Padawan.

“These cases are currently being investigated under Section 7 of the Election Offences Act 1954 for personation,” he said in a statement today.

Adding on, Douglas said Sarawak police also received a report from a voter in Krokop, Miri who demanded answers from the Election Commission (EC) as to why it was forbidden for any voter to bring their smartphones to the polling booth during the voting process.

“There was also a police report received from a voter in Kampung Pulo Ulu in Petra Jaya, who claimed that she was denied a new ballot paper after she told the EC worker that the one given to her earlier was damaged due to the indelible ink on her finger.

“She said the EC worker on duty told her that only one ballot was available for each voter.

“The complainant also claimed that she was forced to put the spoilt ballot into the ballot box,” said Douglas.

In Padawan, a police report was received from a voter who claimed that a video was uploaded by a political party at 4.30pm on Saturday.

“The complainant claimed that the video showed the party members were still campaigning on polling day, which is not allowed by the EC,” said Douglas.

In Kanowit, he said a police report was lodged against two individuals said to be loitering around the polling centre at SK Shing Hua in Sungai Lukuk, at 10.35am on Saturday.

“The complainant claimed that these two individuals were buying votes. A video recording of them was also captured by the complainant as evidence,” he said.

Meanwhile, Douglas said the police commended every Sarawakian for rendering great cooperation throughout polling day, enabling the process to be conducted in a safe and peaceful manner.