Road at Batu Tujuh in Ulu Baram cut off by landslide


The landslide has caused the main road leading to Miri from Long Selawan to be cut off this morning.

MIRI (March 6) The road at Batu Tujuh in Ulu Baram has been temporarily cut off by a landslide due to heavy rain over the past few days.

Wan Egau, 62, from Long Selawan, when contacted, said he was on his way to Miri this morning because he had an appointment with the Miri Hospital but had to cancel his trip as the road leading to Miri from Long Selawan was cut off due to the landslide.

“I was unable to proceed due to a massive landslide that blocked the main road leading to Long Jeeh and Long Selawan. Therefore, I had to turn back home as the road was impassable,” he added.

In this regard, he urged the government and relevant authorities to look into ways to deal with such problem every time it rains heavily in Ulu Baram.

“The relevant authorities need to undertake repair and maintenance works immediately for the safety of road users.

“The government should also look into long term solution to solve this problem faced by us living in the rural areas,” he added.