Bateq tribe in fear of man-eater after one Orang Asli missing in tiger attack near Gua Musang


At the time of the attack, the 27-year-old victims was fishing with his eight-year-old nephew. — Malay Mail photo

GUA MUSANG (May 11): An Orang Asli from the Bateq tribe has gone missing in a tiger attack while fishing in the upper reaches of Sungai Aring in Kampung Aring 5 here yesterday.

At the time of the attack, the victim Halim Asin, 27, was fishing with his eight-year-old nephew Alang Kuang, at about 11.30am.

Alang’s father, Kuang Camang, 31, said his son claimed that the tiger had pounced on them while they were fishing.

“My son who was shocked immediately jumped into the river and swam away to save himself before telling us about the incident about 500 metres from the location.

“We managed to inspect the scene but my brother-in-law was nowhere in sight,” he said here today.

Prior to the attack, Kuang was travelling with seven people, including the victim, on their way from Kampung Cangkung, Jerantut, Pahang to return to Kampung Aring 5 on foot and stopped to rest at Sungai Aring.

“Before Ramadan we had gone to Kampung Cangkung and stayed there for a month. Then we departed on foot to return to Kampung Aring 5 on Saturday.

“At 11am yesterday, I, my wife, four children, Halim and his father arrived at Sungai Aring and set up camp on the edge of the river to spend the night because we wanted to catch fish,” he said.

Narrating further, Kuang said that after the tiger attack, despite being gripped by fear of the man-eater, they left for Kampung Aring 5 at 1.30pm and reported the incident to the headmen and residents as soon as they arrived at the village at 5.30pm.

Meanwhile, Gua Musang district police chief Supt Sik Choon Foo confirmed receiving a report related to the disappearance of the Bateq tribe man at 10pm last night.

He said a search and rescue operation by security personnel has been mobilised. — Bernama