Wednesday, August 10

Sibu MP commends Sibu people for complying with MCO


Oscar Ling.

SIBU: Sibu MP Oscar Ling praises Sibu people for the increasingly compliant attitude to the Movement Control Order (MCO), which enters its fourth day today.

According to him, he and his team have been in the field to review the continuity of movement control in the town since the first day of the enforcement of MCO.

“It turns out that people in Sibu are obeying the government’s order to stay home for two weeks. In addition, I am looking at the people of Sibu working in important sectors that the government has excluded and trying to get their response on the movement’s control,” he said in a media statement today.

From the survey, Ling said that he had received several complaints and responses from the public that the government should urgently address.

“First, they complained about the lack of face masks and even if there were sellers selling face masks, some were selling them at high prices. I urge the government to resolve this issue so that the supply of face masks can be adequately provided to the people and to ensure that action is taken on those selling over the ceiling control prices,” he said.

In addition, Ling said, residents of Sibu also raised the issue of deterioration of their businesses for small and medium-sized businesses, particularly in eateries and shops.

“I also understand that they only get this income from running a business. In the event of a decline in income, this has been worrying them and thinking about how to pay for installments of homes, cars, utilities and more,” he said.

In this regard, he called on the government to take this issue seriously and to ensure the welfare of the traders.

In the meantime, Ling also visited the supermarkets and grocery stores where he noted that a small number of Sibu residents still did not comply with the MCO and were shopping in groups.

“Therefore, I ask the people of Sibu to stay home and only the head of the family is allowed to go out and buy essential/ household goods. I hope that with the cooperation of the citizens of Malaysia and especially the people of Sibu, it is hoped that we can work together to address the epidemic,” he added.