Tuesday, September 28

KKIA cabbie being investigated for reckless driving


KOTA KINABALU: Police have recorded the statement of a taxi driver who allegedly rammed into three vehicles at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) on Monday.

Acting Kota Kinabalu police chief Superintendent George Abd Rakman said police recorded the man’s statement on the same day of the alleged incident to assist in investigation.

He was released on the same day to seek medical treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
George said the case is being investigated for reckless driving.

“The driver involved is still receiving treatment at the hospital but a brief statement has been taken,” he said.

George said police are looking at all angles to determine the actual cause of the incident.

The taxi driver, in his 60’s, was waiting for passengers in the taxi queue lane at KKIA.

It is said that he got angry after being overtaken by another taxi.

He then sped towards the vehicles at the front of the lane and crashed into them.
The incident went viral over social media.

KKIA Limousine and Taxi Association president Shamsuddin Mohd Shah said the driver was under a lot of stress recently.

He added that the driver also recovered from a stroke recently and is undergoing treatment for a kidney ailment.

It is learnt that some of the drivers whose vehicles were damaged are considering not to legal action against the taxi driver.