Significant progress in Pan Borneo highway project


The Pan Borneo highway project.

LABUAN (Aug 28): The Pan Borneo highway project has achieved remarkable progress amidst ongoing efforts to enhance Sabah’s road infrastructure, according to the Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport Sabah Chapter (CILT Sabah).

CILT Sabah public and government liaison Daniel Doughty said the Sabah portion of the project was spearheaded by a minister with an engineering background, and this helped to overcome numerous challenges and contributed to the progress.

“The anticipation surrounding the trip by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s convoy from Tawau, Sabah to Kuching, Sarawak (using the highway) on Sept 3 is mounting.

“The Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister’s hands-on approach to planning and executing the delayed Pan Borneo highway project has played a pivotal role in bringing it closer to completion,” he told Bernama Monday.

Daniel said the state’s land transport connectivity has long grappled with a heavy reliance on the existing road network.

“To address this, substantial funding from the federal government has been allocated to bolster maintenance efforts, and the allocation remains a critical factor in ensuring the efficacy of the road network and the seamless movement of people and goods,” he said.

He was of the view that the path to Sabah’s future prosperity lies in the implementation of a comprehensive multimodal transport strategy.

“The extension of the Sabah rail network, particularly the connection between the northern and eastern coasts, holds immense promise.

“Integration with proposed linkages such as the Trans-Borneo Railway necessitates meticulous planning.

“The benefits of a well-connected railway network are manifold, including congestion alleviation, strengthened economic ties between urban and rural areas, and the inherent cost-effectiveness of rail transport compared to roads,” he said.

He said this advantage opens doors for the efficient movement of bulk cargo within the state and throughout Borneo.

“The Ministry of Infrastructure Development has taken a proactive stance to address these challenges and shape Sabah’s transport landscape.

“The establishment of the Sabah Logistic Council under the ministry’s purview marks a significant step.

“The council is diligently working on formulating a comprehensive Sabah logistics masterplan. This initiative signifies unwavering support for the ministry’s endeavours in tackling longstanding road infrastructure and logistics challenges in the state,” he said.

Daniel said as Sabah advances towards a more strategically planned future, the collaboration between visionary leadership, dedicated agencies and the anticipated royal presence sets a promising trajectory.

“While there is still work to be done, the recent accomplishments stand as a testament to the progress achieved and the potential that lies ahead for Sabah’s transport infrastructure,” he said. – Bernama