Azam kicks off 2024 programme with special cruise along Sarawak River


Arif (standing, centre) and Fadzim, on his left, in a photo call with others on board the Sarawak River Cruise.

KUCHING (Jan 13): Angkatan Zaman Mansang (Azam) Sarawak kicked off its 2024 activities with a cruise along the Sarawak River here yesterday, where the group featured the Azam Young Souls (AYS).

Themed ‘Cruising and Musing with Azam Young Souls,’ the river cruise served as a festive avenue to enhance interactions and networking among the Azam youth development committee, youth volunteers, and staff members.

The introductory gathering for the Azam Youth Development Committee of the 2022-2024 term and AYS committee for the 2023-2024 term on board the cruise marked the first function of its kind.

“The committee is planning various events this year that require additional commitment from every youth, especially our committee members,” said Azam Youth Development Committee 2022-2024 chairman Arif Irwani Azahari in his opening speech.

He added that the ethnic diversity within the AZAM Youth Development Committee could encourage the exchange of views and expertise, leading to quality programs and promoting harmony in Sarawak.

Meanwhile, AYS Committee 2023-2024 chairman Fadzim Aiman highlighted his willingness to fly from Limbang to attend the special occasion, marking their first meeting since the committee election on Oct 14 last year.

“Various programs and activities are planned under AZAM’s youth development committee and the AYS committee, aligned with the state’s current development agenda.

“These include youth development and engagement through the ‘7K Approach’ – ‘Kepimpinan’ (leadership), ‘Kesukanan’ (Sportsmanship), ‘Keusahawanan’ (Entrepreneurship), ‘Kreativiti’ (Creativity), ‘Kebudayaan’ (Culture), ‘Kesukarelawan’ (Volunteerism), and ‘Kerohanian’ (Spirituality).

“Additionally, the ethnic diversity among the AYS, encompassing the Malay, Iban, Kedayan, Chinese, Bidayuh, and Melanau communities, aims to represent and promote social harmony and unity in Sarawak,” said Fadzim.

Currently, there are 90 AYS members.